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WiQO Cream Normal & Mixed Skin-50ml

WiQO Cream Normal & Mixed Skin-50ml

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Wiqo cream can be used as a daily care, day or night, to potentiate the results of PRX-T33 Peel Medical Treatment.

WiQo Cream for normal and mixed skin restores the hydrolipidic film on skin lacking firmness or affected by age or atmospheric agents, such as cold weather or wind.
It is particularly necessary following outpatient skin peels, which remove the skin’s protective film. By restoring this film, this product prevents evaporation from the skin, which could lead to dryness and, subsequently, to skin itching, reddening and cracking


The nourishing and moisturizing Wiqo cream brings:

  • A lightening of the complexion 
  • Maintaining complete hydration 
  • Skin nourished and smoothed 
  • A reduction of wrinkles and fine lines 


Wiqo cream for dry skin is indicated for: 

  • The face 
  • The neck 
  • The cleavage

Brand: PRX-T33