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True Healer HA 16mg - 1 x 3ml (Similar to Profhilo)

True Healer HA 16mg - 1 x 3ml (Similar to Profhilo)

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True Healer is a budget-friendly alternative to Profhilo, which comes from Korea. 

This product is suitable for natural skin rejuvenation, the skin’s elasticity, improves the overall tone and helps with hydration and microcirculation inside the dermis and sub layers. All the advantages of Profhilo are now available at a much-reduced cost with the True Healer HA filler.

The optimal formula provides the treated area with hydration while stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin, which improves the skin.


Application Areas:

• Forehead area/forehead wrinkles

• Corner of the mouth area

• Wrinkles and marionette lines

• Mentolabial folds

• Nasolabial folds and perioral wrinkles

• Glabellar wrinkles or frown lines

• Neck area

• Hands


• Restructures the extracellular matrix

• Collagen replenishing and elastin production

• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

• Revitalize damaged skin

• Improves skin density and elasticity

• Evens the skin tone



True Heal combines 16mg/1ml of High Molecular HA and 16mg/1ml of Low Molecular HA, totalling 96mg/3ml (48mg High HA + 48mg Low HA). This allows the filler to not only give quick results but for the skin to maintain the beneficial effect over the course of months. 


Product available only for professional users.