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SoRE VC-10 Essence, Vitamin C - 30ml

SoRE VC-10 Essence, Vitamin C - 30ml

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Highly concentrated essence based on the stabilized form of vitamin C - the most potent natural antioxidant.


Vitamins - Antioxidants are essential elements of protecting the skin from UV radiation and other negative environmental effects.
Vitamin C not only has a powerful antioxidant effect, preventing oxidation of cellular tissues but also promotes the active formation of collagen, slowing down the ageing process.
In the development of the VC-10, special attention was paid to the functionality of the tool. At the heart - highly concentrated (10%)  Sodium ascorbyl phosphate is the mildest but most effective stable form of vitamin C, suitable even for sensitive skin.  Serum regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, promotes the narrowing of the pores, has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the development of bacteria, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes melanogenesis, removes pigment spots. It interacts perfectly with placenta extract.
It is recommended for any skin as a means of eliminating and preventing acne and vitriol, solving problems of excessive fat, protecting sensitive skin and combating pigmentation.
In dermatological clinics, it is used with ion enrichment procedures as an effective means to fight wrinkles, prevent age spots and acne.


Action and result:
-Suspends the synthesis of melanin - the main cause of pigmentation
-Is the most potent antioxidant among vitamins 
-Removes active forms of oxygen, preventing wrinkles
-Regulates the skin-fat balance, preventing the appearance of acne
-Activates dermal collagen, restoring skin elasticity