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Soonsu Shining Peel - 5 vials × 6 ml
Soonsu Shining Peel - 5 vials × 6 ml
Soonsu Shining Peel - 1 vial × 6 ml
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Soonsu Shining Peel - 5 vials × 6 ml
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Soonsu Shining Peel - 5 vials × 6 ml
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Soonsu Shining Peel - 1 vial × 6 ml

Soonsu Shining Peel - 1 vial × 6 ml

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Soonsu Shining Peel is a unique two-phase peeling, which consists of a transparent oil layer, which is on the surface of the entire product, and a layer of a transparent yellow liquid, which acquires this colour thanks to its components: AHA, BHA, PHA acids, vitamin B12, retinol other. Soonsu Shining Peel is the perfect solution for those who want to achieve an even skin tone, renew its surface, achieve radiance and smoothness of the skin, get rid of imperfections and scars, and lighten the skin. The product can be used by people of all ages, especially after 35 years, when the processes of natural skin renewal are significantly slowed down.

The layer effectively works not only for whitening but also for stimulating the renewal of skin cells, due to which the healing effect of renewal is achieved. The peeling results in radiant skin both on the face and in any area of ​​the body. Peeling also helps to fight skin imperfections such as acne, enlarged pores, dull complexion, and much more.

Strengths of Soonsu Shining Peel:

  • peptides in the composition of the product minimize skin irritation and provide maximum effect

  • this peeling is an excellent tool for whitening, renewing, and rejuvenating the skin

  • the product increases the content of keratin and collagen in the body

  • thanks to the stable double layer formula, the likelihood of side reactions is minimized and the desired result is achieved

  • vitamin C in the composition reduces the synthesis of melanin and helps to lighten the skin

  • a good combination of 3 peptides in the peeling formula, gives an excellent effect without pain and swelling

  • peeling helps to remove dead skin cells and improve complexion

  • the safe product that does not cause allergies

                    Soonsu Shining Peel is used for skin renewal.
                    Scope of Soonsu Shining Peel:


                    • peeling can be used for any area of ​​the body

                    • peeling is used for general skin renewal to improve its condition, eliminate post-acne traces, and tighten pores

                    • lightening of pigmentation and renewal of the upper layer of the facial skin

                    • body stretch marks correction

                    • peeling of the skin of the elbows, groin

                    • treatment of atopic diseases

                                      Soonsu Shining Peel is applied every 7-12 days 4-6 times. A noticeable result is achieved after 3 procedures.

                                      Product composition: TCA (35%), Vitamin B12, Retinol, Squalene oil, Arginine, Vitamin C, Proline, Glycine, AHA, PHA, BHA.

                                      Soonsu Shining Peel

                                      Manufacturer: Cosmo Derma, Inc. South Korea

                                      The product can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of self-use.