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Skin Glow DNA

Skin Glow DNA - 1 x 2.2 ml (Korea)

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The SKIN GLOW DNA biorevitalizing PDRN system provides powerful regenerative and hydrating action. Due to the total effect of bioreparation by polynucleotides and hydration with hyaluronic acid, the skin's hydro balance is restored.
PDRNs contribute to the restoration of the intracellular matrix, trigger the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improve microcirculation in tissues, increase the metabolic activity of cells and stimulate the repair process.
The skin condition noticeably improves within a few hours after applying the SKIN GLOW DNA Biorevitalizing PDRN system. The course of procedures gives the cumulative effect of rejuvenation.

TITLE OF THE PROCEDURE: Biorevitalizing PDRN therapy.
Composition: polynucleotides (PDRN) - 20 mg / ml unstabilized hyaluronic acid - 20 mg / ml
• High PDRN - 20 mg / ml
• High HA - 20 mg / ml
• Unstabilized hyaluronic acid.
• The volume of the syringe - 2.2 ml
• It is cheaper at a price of 2-3 times in comparison with analogues.
• May be used in the periorbital area.
• Visible effect - after the 1st procedure.
• Does not cause side effects and allergic reactions: biocompatible
material, high degree of purification.
• Short recovery period - does not affect the usual rhythm of life.

For Professional use only!