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REVINEUX Tetra + 2% - 2ml

REVINEUX Tetra + 2% - 2ml

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The structure of the improved REVINEUX tetra + detox complex includes the following complementary and reinforcing elements:

- hyaluronic acid (2% 3 mDa), trehalose and amino acids (phenylalanine, glycine, glutamic acid);
- glutathione - increases the immune status of the skin, determines the redox characteristics of the intracellular environment;
- lipoic acid - is able to combat the formation of free radicals and increase the concentration of vitamins E and C, and also has anti-inflammatory properties;
- Vitamin C - activates antioxidant defense, the formation of new cells, has a unique brightening effect; participates in the oxygen metabolism of cells, including epidermal cells;
- buffer solution (ph 7.35 - 7.45).

Course: 1 procedure in 6-9 months