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Rejuran S - 1 x 1ml (Korea)

Rejuran S - 1 x 1ml

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Rejuran is a series of skin boosters based on polynucleotide (PN) by Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd., a Korean company. This series includes four products for skin regeneration, regeneration and appearance improvement. 

Rejuran S, a more concentrated version of the Rejuran Healer, has restorative and reparative properties, which makes it excellent for treating acne scarring. 

How does Rejuran s work?

Rejuran S (scar) contains long-chain polymeric nucleotides derived from salmon DNA. These highly purified long-chain polynucleotides have a high water binding capacity and viscoelasticity that is suitable for reconstruction and improvement in the appearance of your skin. It induces collagen synthesis and healing of the skin structure.

Acne scarring is most commonly treated with skin resurfacing procedures such as CO2 Lasers, or fractional radiofrequency treatments. Rejuran s can work together with fractional resurfacing lasers (such as CO2, clear and brilliant) to target depressed acne scars. It builds on the ability of polynucleotide in plumping up depressed scars by creating a three-dimensional scaffold for collagen formation.

Rejuran S helps to reduce the appearance of acne scarring by inducing collagen reproduction and healing of the skin structure. The texture of Rejuran S is more viscous and gel-like compared to Rejuran Healer, and it acts as a filler to fill up sunken scars, and at the same time, rejuvenating properties of Rejuran S will repair the skin at the dermis. Rejuran S promotes tissue restoration, helps in the reconstruction and improvement of the physical appearance and is an optimal treatment for acne scars.

How many treatments will I require?

Similar to Rejuran Healer, full effects of treatment will take time. At least 3 treatments are usually required to produce a visible and more lasting effect.

Most patients will require 3-4 treatments at monthly intervals, or until the appearance of the scar is satisfactory.