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Rejuran I - 1 x 1ml

Rejuran I - 1 x 1ml (Korea)

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Rejuran is a series of skin boosters based on polynucleotide (PN) by Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd., a Korean company. This series includes four products for skin regeneration, regeneration and appearance improvement. 

Strength of Rejuran I :

  • Faster tissue regeneration and scar healing compared to other products that contain only HA as an effective ingredient
  • Increased clinically proven skin thickness and lustre

Rejuran I is contains long-chain polymeric nucleotides derived from salmon DNA and is a skin booster developed specifically for the delicate areas around the eyes.  As a result, the skin around the eyes looks healthier and richer. Rejuran I also improves skin elasticity and allows skin colour and texture to be even.

Scope of Rejuran I :

  • Dark circles reduced and swelling under the eyes (pocket under the eyes)
  • Treatment of the first signs of ageing in the area around the ophthalmic region (crows’ feet, wrinkles under the eyes)
  • Skin restoration that has become thinner after cosmetic procedures

How to use: 4 treatments (2-week interval in between treatments). For best results, it is recommended to use Rejuran I fortnightly in the first 2-3 months.  Results generally appear after 4 weeks of injection.

Contains: PN 1%