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Rejeunesse Shape with Lidocaine - 1 x 1ml (CE)
Rejeunesse Shape with Lidocaine - 1 x 1ml (CE)
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Rejeunesse Shape with Lidocaine - 1 x 1ml (CE)

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Rejeunesse Shape is Korean filler, very effective for filling deep wrinkles, filling up the deficit of soft tissues in the area of the cheek-zygomatic zone, not giving edema, it is successfully used as a lips volume, for working out their contour, sculpting the shape of the face oval.
Rejeunesse Shape uses synthetic hyaluronic acid. At its production the most advanced technology is used today - biofermentation.

What are the advantages of the technology of hyaluronic gel without the use of animal raw materials and what is the difference between Rejeunesse gel and other anti-wrinkle fillers?
Thanks to modern, high-tech methods of obtaining the drug and a multi-stage gel purification system Rejeunesse Shape is a safe, hypoallergenic drug with a minimum percentage of side effects. The injection filler has a very viscous structure and, along with this, the gel is elastic, which has a positive effect on the duration of the effect of the procedure and is stable, without displacement and migration of the filler in the injection zone.

Hyaluronic acid (24 mg / ml) as a viscous, colorless, transparent gel with a volume of 1.1 ml.
The degree of reticulation - 11%. This is the densest and most viscous gel in the Rejeunesse filler line.

The drug is ready for use and is in a sterile syringe. Comes with two needles 27 g.
For a more comfortable procedure, the filler introduced into the gel anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride (3 mg/ml). The filler is completed with needles 27 g.

The popularity and widespread use of hyaluronic fillers in the Rejeunesse line are dictated primarily by their quality, reasonable price and safe use.
One of the advantages of the drug is a longer effect after the procedure Rejeunesse Shape, a filler is effective for at least a year, according to reviews of 12-14 months.

It is also worth mentioning about some positive properties of the gel, experts note the stability and uniform distribution of the filler when it is introduced, the gel is distributed evenly, without clumping, there are no heterogeneities.
Especially positive reviews of the Rejeunesse Shape disintegrant characterize it as a drug that does not migrate in the injection area, the gel is very resistant to dynamic loads, doctors appreciate its elasticity, elasticity - it is pleasant to patients.

According to experts and patients, the Rejeunesse Shape does not give puffiness after the injection; few cases of complications are known due to the highest quality of hyaluronic acid and highly stable, homogeneous molecular structure of the gel. Against the background of other drugs - Rejeunesse Shape less hydrophilic. These valuable properties provide additional benefits, make the drug special in the area of the cheek - zygomatic arch.

An important advantage is the presence of anesthetic in the composition of the gel - it contributes to a more comfortable, painless introduction of the gel, significantly reduces the time of the procedure.

When working with a filler, you can use tunnel - retrograde, deep boluses, fan and drop-shaped techniques for introducing a filler. Gel for injection is injected into the deep layers of the dermis, in the periosteum.

When working with an injectable anti-wrinkle drug, some contraindications should be kept.
It is forbidden to administer the drug to patients with inflammatory processes, especially in the acute form, infectious diseases, blood diseases, and oncology. It is prohibited to introduce a filler to persons in the presence of allergic reactions, including lidocaine, which has recently undergone laser or chemical peeling procedures, age less than 18 years.