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Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus

Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus - 3 x 3ml

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Biorevitalizant Regenovue Aquashine Plus (With Lidocaine) is the most effective preparation for the rejuvenation of the skin of the face and neck, the cross-linked structure includes HA and Lidocaine. Uniform injections of hyaluronic acid into the dermal layer result in brightness and hydration of the skin. Only a 10-15 minute procedure leads to the rejuvenation of the skin making it brighter, moisturized and more elastic. The difference between Aquashine Plus and Aquashine is that this preparation contains minimally crossed hyaluronic acid. Due to this, hyaluronic acid remains in the skin longer and the effect of the procedure lasts a longer period.

Active ingredients:

  • Minimally crossed hyaluronic acid 15mg;
  • Buffered phosphate saline pH 7.0;

Benefits of using Regenovue Aquashine Plus
1. Skin rejuvenation

- making the skin brighter
- improvement of skin texture
- giving skin elasticity
- narrowing of pores
- removal of pigments (freckles, spots)

2. Moisturizing
- improving the condition of dry skin
- effect of moist skin regardless of the season
- removal of dead skin cells

3. Lifting
- removal of fine wrinkles
- improvement of skin elasticity
- prevention of skin aging

Efficiency Regenovue Aquashine
1. visible result after 1-2 weeks
2. Duration up to 8 months

It can be applied to many different zones of the face to restore and revitalise from within.

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Eye area
  • Chin
  • Lips and lip area
  • Forehead and brow area

Packaging: 3 syringes in a package of 3 ml in one package

Production: South Korea