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RABIANCA Body Filler – 60ml

RABIANCA Body Filler – 60ml

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RABIANCA is a high quality solution for body volume and contouring with higher viscosity.

This product provides long duration, high level purification and easy use for body shape.


– Asymmetric Calves

– Uneven Skin Surface

– Soft Tissue Defects

– Breast Volume and Lift

– Shaping Body Line

– Buttock Augmentation

– Less BDDE

– Mono Phasic


Recommend for Those

1) with flat hip or flat breast

2) with low breast elasticity

3) with low hip muscle

4) who want quick body volume


The aesthetic effect lasts from 12 to 15 months.

Composition of the preparation: HA 24 mg/cc


1 bottle x 60 ml

Manufacturer: QuiverMedic Co., Ltd., South Korea