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PB Serum SMOOTH+ - 1 vial

PB Serum SMOOTH+ - 1 vial

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PB Serum SMOOTH+ PROFESSIONAL Intensive meso-cocktail to reduce the “orange peel” and fibrous cellulite.

The introduction of meso-cocktail PB Serum is a procedure for combating stage III cellulite, which is accompanied by local fat hypertrophy with expanding connective tissue when subcutaneous swelling becomes hard and painful and entails a violation of the proportions of the face and body—used on both face and body. It also eliminates skin defects that look like wavy stripes, varying in width and colour from whitish to red-violet in places where the skin is stretched; over time, it discolours them, evening out the colour of the skin.

COMPOSITION: Collagenase PB220

Area of application PB Serum SMOOTH+ collagenase 10 units.

PB Serum SMOOTH+ is used to eliminate scars, deep acne scars, and fibrosis, which accelerates the growth of connective tissue.

It has a normalizing effect on metabolic processes inside the dermis.
It has a destructive effect on old cellulite, dissolving the fibres of interlobar fibrous growths. Significantly reduces the thickness of the cellulite layer to a minimum. Due to deep penetration into tissues, it normalizes all necessary metabolic processes in all layers of the skin.


Face and body
Severe fibrous cellulite
Post-acne scars

Destruction of fibrous interlobar fibres of old cellulite,
Significant reduction in orange peel symptoms
The effect of “young skin” is due to the normalization of metabolic processes at the level of the hypodermis and dermis.
Injections of PB Serum with the main component collagenase will correct the problem area not only by microinjection but also by micro needling, which allows you to distribute the product evenly.