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Melano Out Whitening Cream - 30 ml

Melano Out Whitening Cream - 30 ml

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Melano Out Cream has been formulated to mitigate and eliminate melanic origin marks located on the face, neck, chest and back making uniform skin color with spectacular results without surgery or side effects.


Melano Out Cream it is a treatment designed to reduce and to eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin localised on the epidermal layer. It is a cream for daily use.

With Melano Out Cream In 95% of cases, the spots disappear between 21 and 30 days.

It is very important that during the summer, to use the MELANOout® cream after sun exposure, placing it at the end of the day, simultaneously with the Hydraface for an optimal skin hydration.

This prevents the formation and the stimulation of melanin.


Principal function:

  • Absorb, reflect or scatter UV rays
  • Tyrosinase inhibitor 
  • Reduces the synthesis of melanin
  •  Anti-bacterial Inhibitor of tyrosinase,
  • Blocking the entry of iron and copper in the formation of melanin
  • Balance the sebum production,
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Whitening agent; skin lightening that inhibits tyrosinase

Melano Out Cream is Recommended for:

  • Skin with blemishes
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sunspots
  • Acne scars
  • Darker skins with Hyperpigmentation