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MCCM PEELING LACTIC 2, 45% - 100ml

MCCM PEELING LACTIC 2, 45% - 100ml

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Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which decreases the cohesion of the cells to treat refine the epidermis thickens by age,

The peel lactic acid exceptional smoothing effect.


Lactic acid helps control the synthesis of melanin, effective in anti-aging treatments, thus activating the production of collagen and elastin.

  • PH: 2.15
  • medium wrinkles 

Lactic acid 45% LACTIC PEEL 2 is recommended for:

  • mature skin
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Prevention and removal of age spots
  • Can be used on the neck, face and hands