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Matrigen Complex C Vitamin Ampoule System - 5vials x 4ml (Korea)

Matrigen Complex C Vitamin Ampoule System - 5vials x 4ml (Korea)

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MATRIGEN COMPLEX AMPOULE SYSTEM is a highly functional ampoule that can effectively and professionally manage your skin to meet the needs of different skin conditions & skin types every day.

  • Activate cell regeneration function & skin concentrated regeneration. 
  • Providing moisturizing & nourishing to the skin.

 Botanic extract combinations lead to great results of brightening and complexion clarifying by special treatments. Also, it is mainly used with skincare devices professionally for better effects such as iontophoresis or electroporation technique.

SPECIFICATION Complex C Vitamin : (Powder: 0.2g, Solution: 4ml) * 5 pcs / box