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Neogenesis Lifting threads COG CANNULA 19G 100/140mm 20 pieces

Neogenesis Lifting threads COG CANNULA 19G 100/140mm 20 pieces

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Threads Cog Cannula 4D Cog-C  19G 100/140 mm  / NeoGenesis COG Cannula 4D 


The thread has a precise system of hook located along the entire length in 4 planes 4D-360°.  The advantage of this product is the length of the cannula -100 mm.


This allows for comfortable manoeuvring of the cannula when correcting sensitive areas- jawline, double chin correction and cheek lifting for fine and delicate facial features.
As the thread is inserted, the hooks automatically open and hold the tissue in place. Thanks to this you can easily lift the cheeks, the skin on the jawline and smooth the nasolabial folds. The use of  NeoGenesis COG Cannula 4Dthreads prevents the tissues from falling back down. Recommended for patient expecting spectacular and lasting effects while maintaining naturalness.

Indications: face and body lifting, face contouring, V-lifting and elimination of advanced symptoms of skin aging.

Benefits 4D 360° COG Cannula thread

  • Rejuvenating effect lasts for 2 years
  • Specially designed for patients who do not need extra volume on the face
  • Due to incisions along the entire circumference, reliable fixation and double collagen production
  • Rapid recovery with minimal traumatization of tissues


 Model: C19100 (Cog)

Package:   20/pouch

The package contains 10 blisters of 2 treads each