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LAPUROON AURORA-S - 2 syringes × 2.5 ml

LAPUROON AURORA-S - 2 syringes × 2.5 ml

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Lapuroon contains not only PDRN but also HA, 6 peptides, 19 amino acids, 4 minerals, 2 vitamins. Apart from simple skin regeneration and antiinflammation, these components are also helpful for skin hydration, brightening, increase in collagen, which eventually brings vitality and aurora glow to the skin.


PDRN promotes fundamental regeneration from deep inside the dermis, the ingredients brightens the skin, and high contents of hyaluronic acid manage skin hydration so that any type of skin can be perfect once again.

Strength of Lapuroon Aurora-S:

  • Fast result for improving rough, dry skin
  • Effective in general skin rejuvenation
  • Strengthen skin barrier
  • more ingredients than other products and yet reasonable price


Lapuroon’s significant formulation to infiltrate diverse active components into deep inside dermis with enhanced PDRN’s effect.

Protocol of Lapuroon Aurora-S:

  • Treat once in 3~4 weeks; treatment period can be adjusted according
    to skin condition. 4 times are recommended for total. 

    Product composition: PDRN(2%), Hyaluronic acid, Peptide, Retinol

    Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, PDRN, Peptide, Retinol

  •   Manufacturer: EXOCOBIO Co., Ltd., South Korea

  • 2 syringes × 2.5 ml per pack