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JUVELOOK Volume PLA + HA - 1 vial x 200mg

JUVELOOK Volume PLA + HA - 1 vial x 200mg

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 JuveLook is a Korean preparation intended for intensive tissue stimulation. The product induces collagen synthesis, ensuring an adequate level of hydration, firming and improving skin elasticity. JuveLook works in two ways - during the first stage, the skin is tightened and the wrinkles are filled with hyaluronic acid. The filling is maintained until the production of new collagen begins to dominate through the action of polylactic acid. Thanks to the patented technology, the product completely eliminates the risk of the formation of subcutaneous lumps during administration and does not require massaging of the post-treatment areas.

Used to temporarily improve adult facial wrinkles through physical restoration by injecting polylactide and hyaluronic acid subcutaneously.

Composition: PLA (Poly-D,L-Lactic Acid) 170mg+ HA (Sodium Hyaluronate) 30mg / Vial

Please note that our products are meant to be administered by medical professionals. We are not responsible for any negative infliction that may arise after administering products by yourself. We will not compensate for products that have been wasted or misused.