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JBP Curacen Human Placenta - 1 vial x 2ml (Korea)

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JBP Curacen is the ethical drug specialized for beauty/cosmetic purpose, because of its high penetration capability into the skin as it consists of the lower molecular weight substances from the human placenta.
CURACEN is extracted from the placenta extract the active ingredient is JBP exclusive technology manufactured pharmaceuticals. CURACEN is manufactured by JBP, Eumseong-gun, Korea. From the process of collecting placenta raw materials to manufacturing, CURACEN demands the utmost degree of safety, implements measures to prevent infection such as viruses and bacteria, and implements comprehensive measures such as scientific verification. CURACEN special whitening effect for cosmetic medical treatment and so have additional layer effect.
Comparison of macromolecules with cell regeneration LAENNEC, CURACEN in the manufacturing process, the use of different ways to produce amino acid protein decomposition, the molecule is very small, is a low molecular weight placental injection easier to accelerate the absorption of the skin, from the skin superficial. Can quickly activate cell molecules, with anti-oxidation, skin whitening and restore youth, have the obvious immediate effect. Particularly recommended for iontophoresis, Mesotherapy and other cosmetic treatments.

JBP CURACEN features:

  • menopausal disorders
  •  placenta taken method: hydrochloric acid hydrolysis method
  •  low molecular weight
  • Quick-acting
  • beautify the skin, restore skin youth age
  • Mesotherapy (Mesotherapy) injection course of treatment
  • Introducer treatment

Already after the first procedure, patients notice an improvement in skin tone and turgor, the disappearance of fine wrinkles, increased moisturizing, tightening and tightening of the facial skin. To achieve the best result and lasting effect, experts recommend taking a course of 4 to 8 procedures, depending on the age and severity of problems with an interval of 1 procedure per week.