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Pink Intimate is the first revolutionary peel that lifts, illuminates and regenerates the intimate parts. 

 Pink Intimate is the ideal non-invasive solution for vaginal rejuvenation, bikini line and armpits. 

Valuable support to mitigate, improve and solve the problems most likely to occur during the ageing process.

The advantages of Intimate Whitening:

  • Revolutionary for effective vaginal anti-ageing treatment. 
  • Ideal for tone loss, dryness, perianal muscle atrophy, hair loss, clitoral involution safety 
  • The pink intimate is a revolutionary peel safe and effective. 
  • The treatment requires no special precautions and is fast and gentle in the treatment. 


  • How to use MCCM Intimate Whitening?

    • STEP 1: Clean the area to be treated with MCCM Cleansing Milk and Facial Tonic.
    • STEP 2: Apply Mandelic Peel (1ml) homogeneously (max 4 min) and then neutralize it with the MCCM Neutralizing Spray. (Do not remove it).
    • STEP 3: Apply Glutathione Peel (1ml) homogeneously (max 15 min) and then neutralize with the MCCM Neutralizing Spray. Remove with cold water after it.
    • STEP 4: Apply a thin layer of Intimate Whitening Cream until total absorption on the area to be treated.
  • Packaging: The box contains the 2 peelings Mandelic and Gluthation MCCM (5 Treatments per Box)

    The neutralizing solution and the post-peel lightening cream.