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HYALMASS  Body Filler – 60cc

HYALMASS Body Filler – 60cc

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HYALMASS – Best Anti-Aging Effect: Instantly hydrates the skin, improves skin tone and elasticity, best solution for anti-aging.

Basic cosmetics stays on outer skin. HYALMASS activates from inside the skin, making your face bright and elastic.

HYALMASS cosmetics of Hyaluronic acid (moisturization), Niacinamide (whitening) and Glutathione (anti-aging).

  1. fine lines
  2. whitening
  3. long lasting
  4. 1 bottlle skin booster for face and body (full body)

Points: face, hands wrinkle, neck wrinkles, whole body
Needle: 4mm / 13mm 29g

Distinct Effects of HYALMASS:

  • Immediate skin supplementation
  • Skin tone up
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Normalization of inner skin
  • Strengthening skin barrier
  • Shiny skin


The product is available only for professional users.