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HYAFILIA ME:DAM PRIME (Classic) - 1 syringe x 1 ml

HYAFILIA ME:DAM PRIME (Classic) - 1 syringe x 1 ml

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Hyafilia is used to improve wrinkles by injecting it into a layer of skin around facial wrinkles.

It is a colourless and transparent gel product consisting of stabilized unsaturated hyaluronic acid.

Hyafilia is a reconstruction material for enlarging facial tissues.

It is recommended that the product be used for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, acne folds and scars. The specific crosslinking system used by HyaFilia HA influences the durability of implantation and its resistance to degradation under the influence of heat, external factors and enzymes.

The use of non-animal acids with a high degree of purification ensures the safety of use and the lack of possibility of allergic reactions.

The product line contains three types of fillers with volumetric differences.

Hyafilia products are suitable both for smoothing wrinkles and for increasing volume.


- filling medium wrinkles

- correction of nasolabial folds

- “line marionettes”

- increase lip volume

- perioral wrinkles

- hand correction

Guaranteed duration: 9 months.

Injection level: subdermal.

Main Ingredients: Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml

Lidocaine: None

HYAFILIA CLASSIC (Filler) - 1 ml (27G, 29G)