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Hyafilia Classic Plus (Filler) - 1 syringe x 1 ml

Hyafilia Classic Plus - 1 x 1 ml

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Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine

Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine is an active dermal filler by CHA Meditech, specially formulated to help you fight fine wrinkles.

Hyafilia HA Dermal fillers belong to the 5th generation of hybrid products with combined various structures of hyaluronic acid. Hyafilia has medium gel density which’s why it’s ideal for smoothing medium wrinkles and volume contouring.


Main advantages

  • A combination of native and stabilized structures of the active ingredient add special plasticity that ensures easy injection and even gel distribution within the skin layers. 
  • It has high resistance to tearing, it keeps the defined shape. It is not destroyed by free radicals. 
  • It moisturizes skin and activates rejuvenation processes. 
  • Non-animal origin of hyaluronic acid minimizes risks of allergic reactions. 
  • Cross-linking prevents the skin from inflammations and increases the action time of the product. 
  • The result lasts for 1 year.

Product purpose

It is used in contour plastics for correcting wrinkles, adding volume and beautiful lip contour. It efficiently smoothes marionette lines, nasolabial folds, folds between the eyebrows and other medium wrinkles.


Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine has a delicate sequential injection mechanism and the lidocaine-rich formula, smooths out your skin painlessly with a lasting result. 

Areas of injection:

  • between the eyebrows;
  • round the mouth;
  • lips;
  • near the eyes;
  • wrists.

The filler is injected subdermally (into medium dermal layers). 

What are the benefits of Hyafilia Classic Plus with Lidocaine?  
 The non-animal hyaluronic acid with biphasic action provides long-lasting elasticity, strength and hydration to your skin. Cross-linked BDDE are an effective solution in the fight against fine wrinkles, showing a beneficial effect on normal and deep wrinkles. Lidocaine content turns the dermal filler into a painless and effective rejuvenating tool, with quick and visible results.