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Hairna Exosome Hair Fill - 2.5ml x 1syringe

Hairna Exosome Hair Fill - 2.5ml x 1syringe

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HAIRNA Exosome HAIR FILL is intensive nutrition care with exosomes  It contains all the nutrients needed by the scalp, and helps make the scalp healthier.

With the synergy between exosomes, growth factors and active ingredients, it helps strengthen scalp barriers and prevent hair loss. After balancing the unhealthy scalp, it can help improve the overall condition and maintain the effect. 

Who needs HAIRNA Exosome HAIR FILL:

  • those who need to nourish their dry scalp or soothe their sensitive scalp.
  • anyone who needs to focus on scalp care with the help of exosomes to maintain balance


  1. Human ASC-exosome
  2. RSC-Exosome
  3. Copper Tripeptide-1
  4. Biotin
  5. Panthenol
  6. Biotinoyl
  7. Tripeptide -1
  8. FGF2
  9. SCF
  10. Noggin


  • scalp nutrition
  • strengthen scalp barrier
  • scalp cells proliferation
  • wound healing
  •  anti-itching
  • anti-inflammation
  • anti-oxidant
  • moisture and elasticity and prevent dryness
  • hair loss prevention


How to use:

  • Application: as a gliding serum in conjunction with a micro needling device
  • Should be used on a clean, exfoliated and sanitised scalp
  • Distribute Hairna’s contents over treated areas and ensure its thorough absorption
  • Finish with low-level light therapy (red and/or infrared) if desired
  • Depending on individual preference, Hairna Exosome Hair Fill can be carried out once or at monthly intervals.

This product is intended for use with microneedling (CIT) procedures and topical application.

Needle - Apply a local anesthetic cream to the target area of the scalp. After 30 min. wash off the applied cream, and then wipe the needle with alcohol and insert it into the syringe. Finally, inject Hairna Hair Fill into the target area with a 30G needle to a depth of 1-1.2mm. This procedure should be repeated once a week for 2-3 months for best results