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GTM Gold Cell PDRN 5 % - 3.3ml x 10ml

GTM Gold Cell PDRN 5 % - 3.3ml x 10ml

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  • the product is quite stable and provides long-lasting effect from the procedures

  • the natural components in the composition guarantee maximal safety of injections and fast recovery from the procedures

  • the effect becomes evident the shortest time after injection

  • works perfectly with the other injectable and non-invasive procedures 

GTM Gold Cell 5% is used for biorevitalization. 

Scope of GTM Gold Cell 5%:


  • deep face skin moisturizing because of the presence of hyaluronic acid in the product composition which effectively binds water

  • skin strengthening and maintenance of its tension

  • treatment of acne and erythema

  • supporting of level skin tone

  • management of undesirable pigmentation

  • scars elimination

Product composition: PDRN (salmon DNA) 5%, Glutathione 2%, Hyaluronic Acid 5% 

GTM Gold Cell 5%

10 vials × 3.3 ml per pack

Manufacturer: CMED Medical Group, South Korea