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GANA X  PLLA Body Filler 630MG - 40ml

GANA X PLLA Body Filler 630MG - 40ml

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 Natural collagen stimulator, Poly-L- latic Acid Filler has a continuous volume improvement effect compared with the hyaluronic acid fillers. Poly-L- latic acid induces collagen synthesis and fibroblast proliferation through an inflammatory response with minimal risk of immune reactions.


- Quicker dissolution time. It takes only 5-10min

- Longer duration by bigger molecular weight

- Better collagen generating and natural volume by more PLLA contents, Gana Fill will produce natural collagen.

- Keep the finest contouring

- No need suspension time

 How to use:

1. Reconstitute with 35-40ml of sterile water at least 1 hour before injection.
2. Shake well for 5 minutes just before drawing with 18G needle.
3. Use Cannula 19G & 21G.
4. It is for subcutaneous or deep dermal injection.  For better performance inject       
5. Use fan technique and avoid injecting too much in one area.
6. Do not use for forehead, lips, nose and areas near the eyes.
7. Use for breast, hip volume augmentation, acne scar recovery, male and female                genital organ. 
8. Effects can be seen 4 weeks after treatment up until 8weeks after treatment.   
    Volume augmentation lasts for 2years.
9. For breast and hip vigorous massaging is necessary around the area of treatment          for 30minutes every day for the first week.

10. Two or three sessions are needed.

1 vial - 630mg/40ml


Product available only for professional users.