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Gammalon 250 mg - 100 tablets

Gammalon 250 mg - 100 tablets

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1 tablet of Gammalon contains 250 mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid; 100 tablets or 10 blisters of 10 tablets in the box.

Gammalon will help in the following cases:
States after traumatic brain injury (including children) and cerebrovascular events; atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries (if softening of the brain indicated), alcoholic polyneuritis and encephalopathy; hypertension (especially with symptoms like headache, sleep disorders, dizziness). In pediatric practice – effects of birth trauma, cerebral palsy, mental retardation.

Known effects of Gammalon:
Improves memory, increases the productivity of thinking, accelerates the recovery of speech and movement after cerebrovascular events, helps to reduce high blood pressure and stabilize it, normalizes sleep and reduces dizziness, has a soft stimulating effect.

Not recommended to intake in case of hypersensitivity.

Side effects of Gammalon include fever, insomnia, nausea, possible blood pressure fluctuations (in the first days of course).

We are selling only original products from Japan and Korea. 


Shelf life is 3 years. Direct Delivery from Japan.


Helen: My daughter takes Gammalon already for 3 months. I see great improvements. Our diagnosis is a delay in speech development, but we are now preparing for school. I may recommend it for children with the same diagnosis.


Iren: I bought Gammalon for my mother. She was advised to take it to improve of memory. After she started to take it, she began to sleep well (until now it always has been a problem), her memory also improved, as she says.