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FILLMED NCTF 135 - 10 x 3ml (Filorga)
FILLMED NCTF 135 - 10 x 3ml (Filorga)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, FILLMED NCTF 135 - 10 x 3ml (Filorga)

FILLMED NCTF 135 - 10 x 3ml (Filorga)

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FILORGA NCTF 135HA® is an anti-aging mesotherapy product designed to very moisturize tired or withered skin, bio-rejuvenate, treat wrinkles and accelerate the restoration of the density of mature skin or skin that lacks moisture and firmness. FILORGA NSTF 135XA® is intended for injection into the dermo-epidermal connective tissue and into the surface layer of the dermis of such areas as the face, neck, décolleté area, the inside of the wrist, the inside of the hips, and the area around the eyes. Since the accuracy of an injection is required for the success of treatment, the drug should be used by medical personnel who have received special training in the technique of injection of mesotherapy.

Hyaluronic acid. It has moisturizing properties due to the retention of large amounts of water, creating hydrogen bonds with it. It stimulates cell proliferation. It is necessary to maintain the visco-elastic balance of the dermis and epidermis.

A complex of 14 vitamins affects the density and elasticity of the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, and maintains the biological balance of the skin.

24 amino acids. Affect protein synthesis by fibroblasts. Cells combine these structural elements to form proteins, also called polypeptides.

Collagen mainly consists of: proline + hydroxyproline + lysine
Elastin mainly consists of: aspartic acid + threonine + serine.

4 minerals. They act on ions in numerous enzymatic reactions and basic cellular functions. As a cofactor, minerals improve the biological reactions responsible for metabolism.

6 coenzymes. They have a catalytic effect on the metabolic reactions of the body, reducing the energy necessary for their implementation. Thus, these biological activators increase the rate of tissue reconstruction.

5 nucleic acids. Nucleic acids are compounds consisting of a chain of elements called nucleotides that form the main molecules, such as RNA and DNA, which are information carriers for controlling and regulating protein synthesis.

2 antioxidants. Substances that easily lose one or more electrons. They stop oxidative reactions, as a result of which free radicals are formed in the cells of the dermis and epidermis.

Contour plastic - guiding deep wrinkles of fillers based on g.k. HA is a skin-friendly element that not only fills a wrinkle, but also stimulates the production of its own collagen. Its peculiarity to attract moisture makes the skin supple and moisturized, the duration of the effect is 6-12 months. After the procedure, at the injection site, slight redness and / or swelling is possible, but after a few hours everything disappears without a trace.

In order to prolong youth and preserve beauty, the doctor’s integrated approach to rejuvenation procedures is important.