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Daejong Needle Holder, round type multi-injector-5/ no needles

Daejong Needle Holder, round type multi-injector-5/ no needles

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Daejong Needle Holder, round type multi-injector straight type with 5 attachable needle holes 43mm x 43mm.

Multi-needle multi-injector adapter is designed for quick and painless procedures. The attachment, depending on the model, allows you to work simultaneously with 3 or 5 needles.

Ideal for carrying out mesotherapy procedures on large surfaces:

  • complex anti-cellulite programs;
  • lipolysis and reduction of fat folds;
  • lymphatic drainage and tissue detoxification;
  • work with pronounced stretch marks;
  • toning of body tissues, etc.

Designed to eliminate the effort of multiple injections, when injecting Lipolysis (for fat melt), anesthetic injection or etc.

1. As the number of the procedure is reduced, a patient can feel the less pain

2. Precise and the same amount of dosage can be injected at once in the treatment area.

3. Doctors can save treatment time and maximize the efficiency of the treatment when repeatedly injecting the product.

How to use:

Inject medication by putting one syringe on the top of Multi-Tap, insert needles to the hubs.

 Specification and Packing unit:  Indifidually sterilized package/ 1 injector