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Corebanic - 1 x 2 ml

Corebanic - 1 x 2 ml

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  is a new, powerful bioreparation that gives amazing results. The action of Corebanic is built, in particular, on the activation of natural processes of autophagy - in the skin cells, locally, directly where it is used.

What is autophagy?

Autophagy is the process of natural regeneration that occurs in cells. Proteins that have misfolded, old organelles, viruses, and bacteria that may have absorbed immune system cells, enter the lysosomes and are destroyed. Thus, our cells “do the cleaning” of the body. 

Composition: The main component is Acetyl-Nanopeptide-5, a unique component developed by ABG-Lab. Acetyl-Nanopeptide-5 initiates autophagy, improves the immune properties of the skin, and reduces chronic inflammation. 

Additional Components:
Hyaluronic acid - 2.1 MDa, 15 mg/ml.
- PQQ - pyrroloquinolinequinone: supports the function of fibroblasts at peak potential throughout the cycle of cell life, stimulates mitochondria, and provides cells with energy.
- Alpha-Glucosylrutin - improves intertissued respiration and capillary protective effect.
- Also the composition of the Corebanic contains a large number of different vitamins, so necessary for the skin.

Corebanic Action Mechanism:
Unique results are achieved by activating autophagy processes.

It is a powerful anti-age therapy, the effect of which is visible already during the procedure.
The visible revitalisation effect.
The maximum lifting effect.
Protects, thickens the skin, and gives a glow.

Corebanic is both an independent biorevitalizant and an optimal means of preparation for any cosmetic procedures.

Principle of Action:
Frees the skin from cellular "garbage";
Stimulates the activity of macrophages;
Protects telomeres from damage;
The ability of cells to divide.