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GTM Gold Cell PDRN 8 %

GTM Gold Cell PDRN 8 %

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  • GTM Gold Cell 8 - biorevitalizing agent based on polynucleotides from salmon milt with HA and glutathione the product is quite stable and provides long-lasting effect from the procedures.

  • the natural components in the composition guarantee maximal safety of injections and fast recovery from the procedures

  • the effect becomes evident the shortest time after injection

  • works perfectly with the other injectable and non-invasive procedures 

  • deep face skin moisturizing because of the presence of hyaluronic acid in the product composition which effectively binds water

  • skin strengthening and maintenance of its tension

  • treatment of acne and erythema

  • supporting of level skin tone

  • management of undesirable pigmentation

  • scars elimination


Apply after laser treatment or peeling, use during filler or botox treatment, machine treatment like ultrasound etc., treatment by MTS, apply after injector treatment, use with cosmetics

Product composition: PDRN (salmon DNA) 8%, Glutathione 2%, Hyaluronic Acid 5% 

GTM Gold Cell 8%

10 vials × 3.3 ml per pack

Manufacturer: CMED Medical Group, South Korea