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Cindella Treatment

Cindella Treatment

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Cindella Treatment recommends to:

- Who wants elasticity of the skin

- Who wants to improve immunity

- Who wants anti-ageing

- Who suffer from swollen

 What is α-lipoic acid?
The a-lipoic acid is a fatty acid in small doses which is an essential substance to produce the body of its energy.
It also has 400 times more antioxidative activity than vitamins C and E.
It has an excellent effect on whitening, and elasticity also palpates energy consumption and appetite suppression.
It decreases body weight, as a result of an increase in glutathione production.

Characteristics of Cindella Treatment 

This treatment is highly suggested if you want to have:

- Brightening skin colour 

- Increase skin elasticity and decrease wrinkles

- Feeling less exhausted after daily activity

- Activate fat resolution and effectively reduce body fat

- Regulation of blood glucose causing effects on geriatric diseases

- Can have excellent effect with dietary therapy, and exercise.