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Celosome AQUA - 5 x 2.5 ml

Celosome AQUA - 5 x 2.5 ml

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Celosome AQUA is a new generation biorevitalizant with a high content of hyaluronic acid (60 mg.) In one syringe, designed to moisturize the skin, rejuvenate and restore.
The composition of Celosome AQUA contains MANNITOL 0.9%, which is extremely rare. The benefits of the Celosome line minimization of puffiness and allergic skin reactions after application of the product.
Immediate stable and visible result.
Natural volume effect due to a stable gel structure with a longer period of action.
Full satisfaction from the procedure and absolute safety.

Celosome AQUA contains unstabilized, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid.

Packaging : 2.5ml/syringe x 5