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Blum Gel Bio Revitalizer Amber Shine Eyes

Blum Gel Bio Revitalizer Amber Shine Eyes 0,8 % - 3ml

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Gel with hyaluronic acid for the area around the eyes with a concentration of Hyaluronic avid 0.8 mg/ml and active sodium succinate 1.3%



- The flabbiness and dryness of the skin of the periorbital area; dark circles under the eyes;

- Pastyness; persistent puffiness in deformation, tired, mixed morphotypes of ageing;

- correction of "paint bags";

- facial wrinkles under the eyes and in the corners of the eyes (correction of "goose legs"); preparing patients for blepharoplasty (the last injection should be carried out 1 month before the planned operation);

- rehabilitation of the periorbital region after blepharoplasty.


Manufacturer: Russia