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Beecom Hexa Inj. - 2ml x 10 vials
Beecom Hexa
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Beecom Hexa

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  Beecom Hexa Efficacy: when there is recovery during or after illness, malnutrition,    dermatitis, neuritis, or sciatica. 

Essential for skin development & maintenance
• Possess anti-dermatitis factor
• Improve brain health, mood & sleep
• Reduce symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women
• Help lessen symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
• Lower risk of acquiring heart disease & age-related macular degeneration
• Treatment of Sideroblastic anaemia, a genetic type of anaemia
• Treatment of Vitamin B6 deficiency

Usage: 1 ampoule (2 mL) intramuscularly or intravenously at a time. 

Active ingredient: hydrochloric chiahmin 10 phosphate, riboflavin sodium 5.47, pyridoxine hydrochloride 5, cyanocobalamin 10, nicotinic acid amide 40, Dex Panthenol 5.17