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B-esta HA Body Filler - 50ml

B-esta HA Body Filler - 50ml

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B-esta Body HA Filler based on sewn hyaluronic acid, at a concentration of 24 mg/ml. 

B-esta Body HA Filler is used for volume restoration and the shaping of body surfaces, for example, shaping of the breasts, calves and buttocks and also for evening out discrepancies in skin surface such as those sometimes caused by liposuction.

B-esta Body HA Filler provides instant and long-lasting results without the need for open surgery and therefore avoids some of the consequences such as scarring.  A single introduction of B-esta Body HA Filler gives an effect lasting 1.5 - 2 years.     

It is used to correct and replenish volumes:

  • Hips;
  • Buttocks;
  • Shins;
  • Chest

How to use: 

B-esta Body HA Filler introduced with Cannula 18G/22G

Composition: HA 24mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3mg/ml       

1 vial / 50ml

Product available only for professional users.