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AQUALYX - 1 vial x 8ml

AQUALYX - 1 vial x 8ml

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Aqualyx is a modern lipolytic treatment that dissolves and removes fat cells from the body. Multiple injections of Aqualix are able to correct the shape as well as popular, but rather painful liposuction.

Aqualyx has a European quality certificate. 

The composition of the product:

Aqualyx - a viscous, gel-like drug, based on the sodium salt of dysoxycholic acid. The composition is completely safe, hypoallergenic and does not have any toxic effects on the human body. The dense structure of the injected injection provides a point-directed effect on certain areas.

Results after the session, the patient may immediately return to their daily routine.

Following the infiltration, edematous reactions, small superficial hematomas or mild or moderate erythema of the skin may occur which should be considered normal for the type of treatment carried out, which resolves completely within a few days.

The active ingredient of the drug is 12-alpha-hydroxy-5-beta-24-deoxycholic acid sodium salt. 

The auxiliary component is a three-dimensional polymer of galactose, which, like a sponge, holds the active substance and promotes its slow release after introduction into the tissue.

 This product is for professionals only!