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AMI Tone Up Skin Booster PN + Exosomes

AMI Tone Up Skin Booster PN + Exosomes

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Ami Tone Up is a premium skin booster for the face with higher Poly-nucleotide content (2.5mg/1ml) and added vegetable exosome, which maximizes the recovery of damaged skin and stimulates the skin's natural energy. All in one brightens the overall skin tone with radiance from within and is expected to have a tone-up effect by surprising freckles and improving pigmentation.


- Anti-aging

- Remove fine lines and wrinkles

- Heal acne scars and large pores

- Improve skin Elasticity

- Brighter and younger skin


Ingredients: Glutathione, PN (Sodium- DNA), Vegan Exosomes, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid

Recommended to use: Up to 3 treatments every 15 days + 2 sessions spaced out by 1 month