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JBP Plamon Injection Human Placenta Extract

JBP Plamon Injection Human Placenta Extract

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JBP Plamon Injection is a regenerative product with established roots in Korean and Japanese medicine. Its active ingredient can help support tissue renewal, boost collagen production, reduce pigmentation and revitalise thinning skin.


  • Skin whitening effects, and reduction of pigmentation
  • Promotion of skin metabolism through enhanced cell division
  • Enhancement of female hormone activity and improvement of menopausal disorder symptoms by boosting natural healing ability
  • Restoration of skin elasticity
  • Direct activation of fibroblasts to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin, making it effective for reducing fine wrinkles
  • Restoration of various organ functions, particularly the liver, to alleviate accumulated fatigue
  • Elimination of active oxygen and anti-ageing effects
  • Removal of active oxygen and delay of ageing through systemic cell activation


Point-by-point micro applications, microneedling, or via a single subcutaneous injection, three times a week for two weeks (a total of six doses).