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Hanheal PDRN Booster

Hanheal PDRN Booster

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Hanheal PDRN Booster is an innovative injectable solution with a unique formula of polydeoxyribonucleotides in combination with amino acids and a vitamin-mineral complex for a quick, effective and safe solution to aesthetic problems of the periorbital area without surgery.
It is an ampoule for skin regeneration, elasticity and tone of the skin, created by combining the PDRN ingredient extracted from the testes of salmon, which has an excellent skin regeneration effect. Through research, the new formula maximizes the effect of PDRN while minimizing side effects such as pain when using existing high PDRN products and has effects similar to those of high PDRN content. ... 12 vitamins including hyaluronic acid, 23 growth factors and peptides, 20 amino acids, 6 coenzymes, 6 minerals, 5 nucleic acids, antioxidants and 73 complex ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. In this best ratio, it is effective in skin improvement. It also increases the radiance of the skin, improves skin elasticity, and increases the density and thickness of the dermis.

Indications for use:
• Decreased skin tone and turgor;
• Persistent oedema with deformation-edematous, tired and mixed morphotypes of ageing;
• Dark circles under the eyes;
• Expression of wrinkles under the eyes and in the corners of the eyes (correction of crow's feet);
• Correction of paint bags;
• Preparing the patient for blepharoplasty (the last injection should be done 1 month before the planned operation);
• Rehabilitation of the periorbital area after blepharoplasty.

Application result:
• Improvement of lymphatic drainage and microcirculation;
• Restoration and protection of collagen and elastin fibres;
• Improvement of the structural and functional state and revitalization of the skin;
• Eliminates puffiness and pastiness of the periorbital area, reduces the severity of dark circles under the eyes.