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Hanheal Hair Filler - 1 vial x 5ml
Hanheal Hair Filler
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Hanheal Hair Filler

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Scalp problem solver using exosomes due to the high concentration of peptides and polydeoxyribonucleotides the mesopreparation strengthens hair follicles,
It improves various scalp problems such as dandruff, hair loss, and accelerates the growth of new hair at the injection sites, including the head, eyebrows and eyelashes. It nourishes the scalp and protects damaged hair and hair follicles.
Indications of use
-Hair loss
-Hair depigmentation
-Hair fragility
-Lack of volume
-Dry sculp, dundruff
-Oily sculp, hair 

Supply nutrients, improve damaged hair and hair follicles, prevent hair loss, hair volume
Treatment Area
Scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, all types of alopecia
Treatment Cycle
5-10 procedures, interval of 14 days