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Muchcaine Topical Anesthetic Cream - 30g

Muchcaine Cream 10.56% - 30G

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Apply on small areas for numbing effect. Results are obtained within 15 minutes, however, they may vary  with factors such as skin color/ sensitivity/ thickness and acceptance to the active ingredient. Some procedures such as hair removal or tatoos may take more time once applied (15 minutes to 1 hour). No dressing is required. The maximum recommended dose for adults is 0.5g.

Ingredients: Lidocaine – 105.6mg (10.56%), 

Additives (preservatives): Benzalkonium Chloride ___0.2mg

Storage and Handling

1. Store at controlled room temperature 15°-30°C (59° -86° F)
2. Avoid excessive heat and cold, Protect from sunlight and moisture. Do not freeze.