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Beracaine Spray - 50ml (Lidocain Spray 10%)

Beracaine Spray - 50ml

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Used for surface anesthesia in the following cases.

Dental area: dental impressions, X-ray, demineralization
Field of otorhinolaryngology: simple surgical therapy of the maxillary sinus, nasal cavity, pharynx and mantle, cataract surgery

applying permanent makeup
an artistic tattoo
Quickly penetrates the skin and provides a long-lasting analgesic effect (up to 2 hours).

Aerosol Lidocaine is intended for topical use. Before the first use, a spray cap is put on the bottle and pressed several times. The aerosol should be sprayed from a short distance onto the area of ​​the skin where anaesthesia is required. To reduce the risk of developing systemic adverse effects, the minimum effective dose of lidocaine should be used. Avoid getting the aerosol into the respiratory tract and eyes. When spraying the drug, it is recommended to keep the bottle upright, with the spray upwards.

Composition: Lidocaine 10%