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The Skin Care Essentials of Vitamin C

Have you started using Vitamin C essence? Don’t wait too long as Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial skincare products to target aging, pigmentation and dull skin.
Vitamin C is an essential component in the body’s production of collagen and a potent antioxidant that can help rejuvenate aged and photo-damaged skin. As levels of vitamin C in the skin decline with age, replenishing levels directly in the skin can help combat collagen degradation and oxidative stress.
Today, I”ll be sharing a review on Japanese product SoRE VC-10 essence. This is a professional line which is available in Japan from professional clinics and spas and now is available in our Sore α-VC Essence essence contains 20% active water soluble vitamin C and hydrolysed ascorbic acid to maximize the visible benefits to the skin in the shortest possible time. Vitamin C, which is great anti-oxidant and skin-conditioner actively promotes collagen formation and mitigates the effects of free radicals, helping to maintain firm and youthful skin.
Collagen is a structural support protein that is essential for firm, youthful skin. Overall, the amount of collagen in the skin tends to decline with age, an ongoing process that is accelerated by a number of factors like sunlight, smoking, free radicals, and inflammation. As the synthesis of new collagen slows down, topical vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to boost collagen synthesis and slow its degradation.
The most effective method for replenishing vitamin C in the skin is therefore to go straight to the source, and apply it directly to the skin. Topical antioxidants produce much higher concentrations in the skin than nutritional supplements. In fact, applying vitamin C to the skin can be as much as 20 times more effective than oral ingestion.
Throughout history, women have always found ways to enjoy the antiaging effects of vitamin C on their skin. In Tibet, during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), women who wanted to fight the outward signs of premature aging would rub sea buckthorn on their face and hands. The golden-orange berries of the sea buckhorn plant yield a deep-colored oil that is a major source of vitamin C. Modern medicine has come to realize why these herbal remedies were so trusted by ancient civilizations.
Vitamin C Serum, SoRE α-VC Essence and its benefits - Why would someone use a Vitamin C Essence?
It can:
1. Brighten your skin 2. Reduce pigmentation 3. Increase your skin’s firmness 4. Minimize pores
Simply applying a few drops of SoRE α-VC Essence on your skin in the evening can achieve optimal levels in the skin. It is also known that once a topical antioxidant is absorbed into the skin, it cannot be washed or rubbed off. So, even after stopping application, significant amounts of vitamin C will remain in the skin for up to three days.
Rejuvenating the skin by constantly replenishing vitamin C stores can therefore help maintain healthy and younger looking skin, especially as we get older.