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Placenta Extract for Health and Aesthetics

Placenta is being used in several new treatments and health and beauty products to promote healing and beauty. It has seen increased popularity amongst many public figures, who at least attribute a portion of their success to the benefits of youth provided by the treatments they use, including placenta.
What is Placenta ?
Placenta – is a complex organ that connects a developing fetus to its mother providing all the functions and nutrients needed for development of the embryo including the control of the genetic program inherent in an ovum. The merger of male and female sex chromosomes gives rise to the formation in the womb, not only the embryo, but also necessary for his full development of the placental membranes. The placenta regulates and controls the entire process of gestation until delivery. During pregnancy, it assumes the role of organs and physiological systems, which in the embryo are in the stage of formation, - the brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Treated properly placenta is more acceptable and certainly more secure in comparison with embryonic tissues, which are also used in medicine.
Mammals, including herbivores eat their own placenta, restoring strength after pregnancy and childbirth stress. And only man until recently did not really know how to use it, although Japanese archaeologists discovered under the floor of the ancient homes of their ancestors special pits for storage of the placenta and umbilical cord.
Other evidence for the use of placenta as a health treatment have been found in scraps of information from ancient Chinese and Korean chronicles; the teachings of Hippocrates, and Avicenna; biographies of Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette.
How does Placenta work ?
More importantly how can placenta tissue affect a fully grown adult ? To be effective placenta must directly influence the effects of aging. To do this placenta regulates the physiological systems of a person, at the cellular level by stimulating sluggish, stagnant, rigid, fading due to injury, age or toxicosis and therefore slowing the pathological conditions of time.
"As a result of such exposure the cells and tissues of all systems are activated, and there is rejuvenation” - Professor Kentaro Yoshda writes in his book " The Power of the placenta". Placenta strives to bring all bodily functions to their status at a young age. This is the secret of the magic drug of youth and longevity, which bewitched the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang and the queen Cleopatra of Egypt."
The famous Russian physiologist and Nobel Prize winner Elie Metchnikoff has raised the question of how the human body is designed for a lifespan of 144 - 160 years. Modern Japanese doctors believe realistically possible age in the range of 120 - 140 years.
The challenge is to extend our lifetime that is inherent in us genetically, while keeping a clear mind, health, posture and beauty of appearance to enjoy this increased longevity. Today, the goal of health, youth and beauty is more sought after than ever before. Maintaining ones youth has become a source of pride and prestige with an element of respectability.
Japanese research has been very active in the field of placenta treatment. Understanding and capturing the capabilities of placenta to regulate the activity of physiological systems and rejuvenate cells.
These Placental treatments and products contain substances that stimulate cell regeneration replacing abnormal, damaged and worn-out cells and at the same time do not allow their uncontrolled division. Moreover, as the practice of the Japanese government, municipal, insurance and university hospitals, drugs of natural placenta have been used to suppress metastasis and prevent excessive blood viscosity, improve the immune system and accelerate the regeneration of tissues. Dermatology and cosmetology have used the benefits of placenta to keep moisture in the skin with exceptional success. According to the World Health Organization, these benefits have been most marked at the age of 39 - 40 years. At this age the placenta is able to extend the maturity and delay the onset of old age. Average life expectancy in Japan is the highest ever in excess of 80 years!
Russia has also undertaken significant studies into the health effects of placenta since the mid 1930’s and evidence exists of a number of health benefits for this research. Unfortunately this research was disrupted during the second world war and products for treatment have not been developed.
In some countries placenta treatments have been made popular through injections but there is a strong school of thought that the oral ingestion through supplements with high concentrations of placenta may be more effective in getting this valuable anti aging product to the cells where it is most effective.