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Our Top 10 Beauty Tips

Here are some beauty tips, please comment and add some of your own, we will update the list from time to time.
1) Use Sunscreen always – please read our article on this a good foundation and sun protection combined will not take significantly more time to apply than your normal make-up routine but will give you protection from the sun and environmental effects.
2) Regular skin care – make it a daily habit to take care of your skin in the morning and evening.
3) Hydration – both internally and externally through use of hydrating products.
4) Healthy Lifestyle – beauty care is really most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle covering diet and exercise as well as skin care. There is not much point in trashing your body and then expecting some cream to make it all go away.
5) Research – do not fall into the trap of trying to save the planet with your skin care, look for a researched balanced approach to choosing your products, we have also used vegetable peelings for a face mask and believe better scientifically formulated products are available. We want to support natural products where they are available but look into the science, as an example our Placenta based range is from a natural source and has a lot of science in the formulation and delivery mechanisms.
6) Buy professional products -You will find that many "high street" products are using the same active ingredients as the ones we list here but the key difference with professional products is the concentration of these active ingredients leading to superior results with just a small amount of product. The extra expense is worth it, to get the quality medical skincare everyday, higher concentration of active ingredients and in fact when you compare $/active ingredient you might find the professional products are cheaper. We have had several clients on switching to our brands are in the habit of taking large quantities of product for each treatment where a professional product may only require a few drops to achieve the desired effect.
7) Treat your skin with some extra essence or serum at home, not just on a Spa visit, create a weekly ritual where you take time out for some extra care, this is good for your skin and peace of mind. You'll see more results from essence than any other product because it treats skin on a cellular level. Essence is a concentrated formula that specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines, acne, dull and uneven skin tones. Japanese essences typically contain an active ingredients that optimizes your skin's natural skin regeneration and with regular use you will notice that your skin is more smoother and brighter. It can't turn back time, but it will definitely revitalize your skin so that with continued use - you can look more youthful.
8) Get some toys, we have reservations about home use beauty appliances for very technical applications but for simple applications such as massage and ultrasound.
9) Feel free to experiment – new treatments are always appearing on the market, it is worth experimenting occasionally although results may vary advances, knowledge and discussion are based on people trying and sharing. This is the basis of our website – a place to share – note we will launch a forum soon.
10) Our last tip is do not be wedded to a single brand.
Aesthetic cosmetology develops daily and can probably be covered by some products you like but special care will differ by person in terms of effectiveness. Aesthetic-Essentials - internet shop carries three top quality product's brands which comply with all applicable quality standards, in addition, actively used in the medical and aesthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery. We are still working on bringing some other brands to the store, you can achieve excellent results without special training and visits to the salon.