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How to look 10 years younger in 3 months?

There are many popular expressions like “we are what we eat” and various food systems, which according to the statements of followers and from experience use help to preserve health, youth and beauty. And in fact, the state of the stomach, intestines and the food we eat help us not only to be full and draw energy for urgent matters, but also, in general, are largely responsible for the work of the whole organism and all its systems.
The secret of youth and health is in the clean gut.
Obviously, youth and old age are manifestations of time, but for some reason, some age slowly and retain youth, energy and health up to 50-60 years, and some already 30 years old look 10-20 years older than their age, feeling corresponding to what they look like. And heredity here plays a very small role - not just the second plan, but the role of an unforgettable character from the extras.
Cell renewal and intestinal condition.
The cells of the human body are updated with a certain frequency - from 5 to 300 days. For example, muscle cells are updated every 2 months, and skin cells - every 28 days. Even blood cells replace each other every 7-120 days (up to 4 months), depending on the type of cells themselves. So why are we getting old despite the fact that our body is constantly updated? Why do not we stay with the same young and smooth skin, with tightened muscles, with healthy and shiny hair, a beautiful smile and body full of energy and tone?
The answer is this: from the polluted intestine, through the blood, not only nutrients, but also harmful toxins are spread throughout the body, which leads to indisposition, and then to many diseases. The formation of new cells does not come from good "building materials", but from old logs eaten by tree beetles, the house from which will last for a couple of years until it is dispersed due to rains, wind and those same beetles (toxins).
How does a clean and healthy bowel turn into problem # 1?
The thing is that with the passage of life, the intestines begin to accumulate undigested and non-excreted food, which, remaining on its walls, begins to interfere with its normal operation and release harmful toxins, slowly poisoning the body. Heavy food, lack of vegetables and fruits, vitamins and minerals, drugs and alcohol, canned, fried and over-processed foods, as well as overeating and not moving enough, lead to the fact that the intestine gets worse and worse starts to cope with its work. like a tired accountant begins to slowly sort through and cheat on an ever-increasing pile of papers and reports, making mistakes and suffering tax attacks.
The healthy intestine inhabits the beneficial microflora, which, with increasing contamination, gradually disappears, leaving behind harmful bacteria.
Downward spiral: from intestinal problems to health problems
This is similar to a downward spiral or a corkscrew in aviation (at the very beginning the fall is slow, and the circles are large, but the closer to the ground an airplane approaches, the smaller the circles and the faster the earth approaches). In other words, one problem drags another, and the worse things are, the more likely it will soon be worse. First, a slight heaviness in the abdomen, rare problems with the stool, heaviness in the abdomen, slight problems with the skin and hair and slight fatigue. At the same time in the intestine accumulated only a small amount of toxins. Then, due to fatigue, an active lifestyle replaces the passive, vitamins and other important nutrients cease to be absorbed in the right quantities, they are no longer enough, and the body requires more and more food, which is harder to digest, absorb and remove its remnants. Because of a sedentary lifestyle and abundant food, the intestines no longer cope with their work and slags continue to accumulate in it, and toxins that emanate from slags lead to the fact that the skin deteriorates, hair becomes dull, wrinkles and circles appear under the eyes , the complexion becomes dull, and the body sluggish, and these are only external manifestations of this. Here it is - old age, at whatever age it comes. But not everything is so bad when you know the reason! Knowing what lies at the source of poor health and poor health and appearance, you can solve the problem!
We solve the problem by uprooting the weed!
A lot of attention is paid to cleansing the intestines and healthy eating. There are many areas in the diet - vegetarianism, separate meals, fasting days, and all this is used for health purposes and brings good results. Even doctors put a person on a diet and prescribe a certain regimen in the diet, especially in case of intestinal and stomach diseases. Thus, nutrition is a separate aspect of the health of our gastrointestinal tract in particular and the health and youth of our body in general.
The other side of the issue of youth and health is to help the intestines clean and return healthy microflora. And in this very important assistance is provided by Lactis 5. Natural product that stops the downward spiral of disease.
Lactis 5 is a biological, 100% natural product, an extract of fermentation of lactic acid bacteria derived from soy milk, with the addition of mineral water, citric acid and lactic acid. Soy milk, in turn, contains neither pesticides, nor elements of organic fertilizers, and is an environmentally friendly and completely natural raw material.
The use of Lactis has a beneficial effect on the intestines - it stimulates the development of beneficial bacteria, thereby triggering the processes of purification and normalization of its activity. Food is better absorbed (digested and absorbed), and the corresponding muscles begin to better promote bowel movement. Thanks to the bowel cleansing processes, the blood becomes cleaner, nutrients in large quantities enter the cells and tissues, the old cells are replaced by healthy and strong new cells. Feel the effect on yourself: youth, health and energy!
Starting to take Lactis, you can see that the chair has normalized and other changes. This means that this product has begun to work. There is more energy, the skin condition is better, the mood has risen, the cold has become less. On average, positive results do not come immediately (after all, Laktis is not a medicine, he immediately drank the effect). Lactis is a natural product, and its effect is cumulative in nature - the longer it takes to take this drug, the better the health and the more energy. It is very short-sighted to finish taking Lactis in a month, when, for example, the stool has normalized and the skin condition has improved. After all, due to the fact that cell renewal takes time, the desired changes when taking this product become noticeable to the naked eye after an average of 3 months. To accept or not to accept? Lactis is a product that has no analogues. If kefir or yogurt could give the same result, then no one would have health problems. This product uses the most optimal type of lactic acid bacteria - their extract, and it is he who best affects the native intestinal microflora and stomach. This is a completely natural, environmentally friendly product, from which there are no side effects (as far as harm is concerned, it is the same as drinking spring water, only in our case this spring water can be compared to “living water” from children's fairy tales. Multiple studies of doctors and creators of this product confirm and prove its effectiveness; If you do not try it on yourself, you will definitely never feel the positive changes in health and health that Lactis can bring; And this is a good investment of money in itself, because how much money the elderly and old people spend on drugs, and how much income was lost due to bad mood, sickness and fatigue, and how many pleasures diseases and sudden colds deprive us of ...
So, order Lactis and take it for health, energy, good mood and the words “You look great!”
The other side of the issue of youth and health is to help the intestines cleanse and return healthy